How much money do I have to transfer to receive my blocking confirmation and other visa documents?

To issue a blocking confirmation, the total transfer amount depends upon your individual case and consists of three parts:

  1. The total blocked amount for the duration of your blocked account.
  2. An initial opening fee of €89.00.
  3. A buffer deposit of €100.00

The total blocked amount in (1) depends on the duration of your stay and the monthly sum that needs to be blocked, as determined by the embassy or consulate issuing your visa.

Note: The buffer deposit of €100.00 is NOT a fee charged by Fintiba! Intermediary banks often deduct fees for international money transfers. This previously resulted in blocking confirmations not being issued as the total blocked amount was no longer available. The buffer deposit was introduced to cover such deductions, and any remaining amount is returned in the the first payout to the current account.

If you opt for Fintiba Plus or Fintiba Plus Protect, your other visa documents, i.e. your health and travel insurance, are automatically issued along with your blocking confirmation.

NEW! The fastest way to your blocking confirmation, now even faster!

Get your blocking confirmation instantly after a single credit card payment of the complete blocked amount sum via Fintiba Transfer!

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