Additional money transfer for tuition fees for Indian students

We are aware that some German consulates/embassies across India are asking students to deposit more money into the blocked account, if they are enrolling in a university that charges tuition fees. This is to ensure that students have enough money to pay the tuition when they arrive in Germany. However, this money is not part of the blocking confirmation, as it is not meant to support the living expenses in Germany.

More information on the exact requirements by the embassy can be found here:


Important FAQs

How to fill out the blocking agreement?

You still only have to block the standard blocked amount per month requested by your authority for up to 12 months. You should NOT put the tuition fee amount in the “Additional basic sum” field. Simply transfer the needed tuition fee (up to 12.000€ ) together with the regular blocked amount.

After the transferred funds arrive in your blocked account you will receive two documents from us:

  1. A blocking confirmation from us showing that your agreed amount have been blocked, as well as
  2. An account statement showing the actual total account balance, which includes the tuition fee.


What is the maximum additional transfer that can be made?

You can send up to 12.000€  on top of the needed blocked amount.


Do I need to show additional documents to Fintiba to be able to send the tuition fee to my blocked account?

No additional documents are required if the amount is below the above-mentioned threshold of 12.000€.

Please note: When transferring money, your transfer provider or the bank you use for the transfer may ask you for additional documents. This is not related to Fintiba and must be clarified directly with the transfer provider.


How can I transfer the additional tuition fee amount?

Simply transfer the needed tuition fee (up to 12.000€) together with the regular blocked amount sum. You will find the transfer details in the “Transfer Information Document” in your Documents section or further guidance in the Fintiba Transfer card.


When and how do I get the additional amount paid out to me?

The additional money for your tuition fee is paid out to you along with the first payout from the blocked account when you are already in Germany.

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