Is it required to provide a confirmation of the 'source of funds'?




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    Unaiza Junaid Khan

    Hi, I transferred my money to Fintiba, to the same account provided in the document to me. Today, my bank is crediting the money back to me as they received an error saying that the bank was not found locally. Please advise as to what went wrong, as I need to transfer the money back today; they are holding the money in their backfoffice due to exchange rates. I am trying to call 00496979834871 but there is a technical problem and the line is not getting connected. Appreciate your urgent response on why the money could not be received, and if they start the transfer again today, would it be accepted by Fintiba? 

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    Hu Qing

    Quote:"However, a confirmation of the 'source of funds' can be required in case you transfer more than the amount that is actually required"

    Does that mean that if I don't want to provide the "source of funds", I have to transfer  the exact mount of money adheres to the general guidelines of the German Federal Foreign Office?

    Thank you very much.

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