Is Fintiba a bank?

Fintiba is neither a bank nor do we offer our own financial and/or banking products. Fintiba is only an intermediary between you as the customer and Sutor Bank.

In order to provide you with the best service possible and individually tailored product solutions, we work in partnerships with different companies. For our banking products, our premium partner is Sutor Bank GmbH, a private bank based in Hamburg (Germany), specialised in individual banking solutions. Every blocked account opened via Fintiba is opened with Sutor Bank.

Fintiba itself is regulated under the German ‘Gewerbeordnung’ (Germany Business Regulation) by the chamber of commerce in Frankfurt.

🎬 We want to make sure that students planning their studies in Germany are properly informed about the requirements that their blocked account needs to fulfil throughout their whole journey - and not only the initial step of getting an entry visa. This would help to avoid unnecessary costs, as well as additional hassle upon arrival. Watch this video explaining why it is important to open a blocked account specifically at a German bank:


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