How can I close my Fintiba account?

You can close your Blocked Account directly from your Fintiba account. Simply go to Blocked Account > Close Account and provide the documents that are mentioned below. Make sure that your mobile phone number is connected to your Fintiba account via the Profile section.   


Once your blocking confirmation is issued, a document from the German visa authorities, called "Sperrfreigabe" is required. This document allows us to close your blocked account and refund your blocked amount. This is because we guarantee to the German state that your money is blocked. Since the visa authority may vary depending on whether you have arrived in Germany or not, we have listed the documents required for both the cases:

Documents required for closure before arrival in Germany

Documents required for closure after arrival in Germany

Documents required for closure before arrival in Germany

These may be the reasons why you may want to close your Blocked Account before arriving to Germany:

  • You did not even apply for your visa yet, but you want to cancel your blocked account
  • You withdrew your visa application
  • You received a visa, but want to cancel your trip to Germany
  • Your visa application was rejected

For all these cases, we need an official confirmation with the instruction for us to remove the block on your account from the German Embassy or Consulate that processed your visa.


  • If you have already received your visa, then we need proof that you have invalidated your visa.
  • If your visa application was rejected, then we need the official rejection letter that you received.

Documents required for closure after arrival in Germany

If you want to close your blocked account for any reason after arriving in Germany, we will need an official document from the Foreigners Office (Ausländerbehörde) that allows us to close your blocked account and refund your remaining blocked amount. Afterwards, we will transfer the money back to the account it came from.

Please note:

  • The Sperrfreigabe is absolutely necessary to close your account earlier than scheduled after arriving in Germany. If you're planning to leave Germany, please obtain the Sperrfreigabe document before your departure.

  • If you have completed your legitimation, we will also be able to transfer your remaining blocked amount to your German current account upon your instruction.

For Finitba Plus users - If you came to Germany and have already activated your health insurance, you will need to directly contact BARMER or MAWISTA, as applicable, to cancel your insurance. 


💡 Do you need a template to request an official confirmation from the Embassy or Consulate? - Here are some forms in which you can state the reasons for closing your blocked account and submit them to the German visa authorities to formally request for their written consular certification:

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