Where and how can I use my card?

The rewards you can get from the Fintiba referral programme are in the form of a virtual pre-paid Mastercard. This means you do not get a physical plastic card, but rather the details of a card are sent to you via email. Pre-paid means that the card has a certain amount of money already loaded on it.

Virtual cards and physical plastic cards can both be used online, over the phone and for mail-in payments. You can even add them to your favourite retailer, service, or fast-food mobile apps as a payment method. Some stores or other service businesses may be willing to type in your virtual card information but allowing a card to be typed in is up to the store´s policy, so you will need to check on a case-by-case with them.

For online payments, you will need your 16-digit card number, the expiration date and the security code. Most web merchants run address verification during checkout, to make sure that the address of the card and the address you give the merchant are a match. Be sure your card address is up to date.

If you move or need to make an address change for any reason, you can edit the card address at any time, by following these steps:

  1. Log into your Wallet, go to the Menu and click Profile.
  2. Here, you can edit your Wallet address, which means that the next card you add to your wallet will use this address.
  3. You can also update the address of an individual card by clicking on a card in your Wallet or clicking on the original email that was sent to you.
  4. Then, select the Edit option, which is next to the address.

Note: Your card can´t be used at an ATM or bank for cash, unless the back of your card lists cash access fees.

For more information please check the Q&A section provided in your digital wallet (you will find the access link in your reward email).

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