How do I make a purchase that totals more than the amount on my card?

The rewards you can get from the Fintiba referral programme are in the form of a virtual pre-paid Mastercard. This means you do not get a physical plastic card, but rather the details of a card are sent to you via email. Pre-paid means that the card has a certain amount of money already loaded on it.

To use your virtual card on a purchase that totals more than the amount on the card, tell the cashier that you want to split the transaction. Use your virtual card to cover one part and then, use a different form of payment (cash, another card, etc.) for the difference. Some stores will let you split a transaction, but it depends on their policy.

If an online merchant´s website doesn’t let you split the transaction, you can try calling the website´s customer service number. They may split the transaction for you over the phone.

For more information, please check the Q&A section provided in your digital wallet (you will find the access link in your reward email).

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