What is the Fintiba Referral Programme?

The Fintiba Referral Programme is a great opportunity to our existing users to earn some pocket money, while also recommending our products and services to friends who want to study in Germany. By participating in the programme, you get a chance to spread the word about Fintiba to fellow internationals that are still at the beginning of their journey. The best part - for every successful recommendation, you (as an existing Fintiba user) get a €10 reward and gift €15 to the friend that registers for Fintiba Plus.

The referral programme in a nutshell

Member is the existing Fintiba user who shares their referral code with one or more friends, whereas a Referral is the new user introduced to Fintiba by the Member.

Note: As a Member, you are eligible for the €10 reward (in the form of a pre-paid Mastercard) if you are either a Fintiba Plus or Fintiba Basic customer. As a Referral, you are eligible for €15 reward only if you sign up for Fintiba Plus customer.

Find out more about how and when the rewards are sent to you, as well as how to activate them in the article: How can I activate and use my referral reward?

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