I just transfered the money - do I need to inform you or send a transfer confirmation?

Please let us kindly explain that you do not have to worry about whether your money has already arrived in Germany. As soon as the money arrives here, you will automatically be notified via email, so just keep checking your email inbox and the Fintiba web application to stay up to date.

Please keep in mind that international money transfers can take up to one week (in some special cases even two weeks). Unfortunately, it is not in our power to accelerate this process.

However, as mentioned above, as soon as the money arrives on your blocked account, you will automatically receive an email notification and your blocking confirmation will be made available for download in the 'Documents' section of the Fintiba web application. Therefore, let us kindly explain that there is no need to contact us regarding the money transfer as we can not influence how quickly the transfer is processed between the sending and receiving bank.

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