Can I transfer more money with Fintiba Transfer for other purposes?

The maximum amount that you can transfer to your blocked account is outlined on the first page of your "Transfer Information Document". This is irrespective of whether you transfer the money via Fintiba Transfer or not. Please read these articles for complete details:

If the embassy requires you to block a higher amount, then you would need to provide us a document from the embassy stating the same. This excludes Indian students who are required to make additional deposits for their tuition fees.

Moreover, you cannot use your blocked account for other purposes such as paying your rent or expenses. Please read this article for more details:

If you want to have more money at your free disposal, we recommend that you transfer it directly to a regular bank account in Germany. 

🚫 I made a mistake in my Blocking Agreement – If you input an incorrect amount or number of months, you can change this in the Blocked Account section of your Fintiba account, under “Blocking Agreement Change”
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