How can I extend my blocked account?

To extend your blocked account, please log in and click 'Extend Account' in the blocked account card in order to start the process. You can use your existing blocked account and transfer a new blocking sum; monthly payouts will be adjusted if necessary and the remaining months on your blocked account are considered during the calculation process.

Please note:

  • The account extension costs € 89.00 - monthly fees of € 4.90 will further apply
  • Your payouts in the running blocked account have to be set up and running before you can start the extension of your account
  • It is very important that you activate the extension before proceeding with any money transfer, please only transfer the required amount when we ask you to do so
  • Your payouts will be stopped until we receive the extension visa/residence permit, therefore please consider the timing of the initiation of the account extension
  • If you change your payout to a lower amount for the extension period please provide a document from the foreign office which confirms the new requirements (I am required to upload a document to change the monthly payout for my extended blocked account. What document do I need?)
  • Expired or terminated accounts can not be extended. If your account has already expired or terminated please contact our Customer Care team and we will help you
  • There should be no time gap between the currently blocked account duration and the extended duration.

 Do you still have questions? Please find our contact details in our Help Center

🎬 We have prepared a video answering your most common questions about the process. Feel free to give it a look: 

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