Can I extend a Blocked Account for Minors?

Yes, you can extend a Blocked Account for Minors. However, please note that there are two different processes, depending on the child’s age.

Option 1 – the child is still under 18 years of age

If the child is still underaged at the point the extension process is initiated, you can follow all steps outlined in the Fintiba App. Simply log into your Fintiba account and click on 'Extend Account' in the Blocked Account Card.

Option 2 – the child has turned 18

If your child has turned 18 by the time you want to extend the Blocked Account, you still must initiate the process from within the Fintiba App. However, in addition your child must open a new Blocked Account in their name. You can then connect your already running Blocked Account with the newly created account for the extension process. All further steps will be explained in your Fintiba App.

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