Can I extend a Blocked Account for Minors?

A Blocked Account for Minors can generally be extended. However, there are two different processes, depending on the child’s age. If the child is still underaged at the point the extension process is started, the process can simply be started and finished from within the App, just like the regular extension process. However, if your child has turned 18 by the time you want to extend the Blocked Account, you still must initiate the process from within the Fintiba app, but your child must create their own Blocked Account. You can then connect your already running Blocked Account with the newly created account and handle your extension process that way.


All further steps will be laid out in your Fintiba App.


Please note that, in case you are extending the Blocked Account for Minors of a child that become full of age, the payouts will be stopped, and you will only be able to access your money again once you set up your payouts again in the new account.

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